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Five Great Ways To Relax During Holidays

If you are a workaholic, or you simply have a demanding job, then disconnecting may be a bit of a problem for you even during the holidays. There is that urgent email you must send, or your phone that you constantly check because the office might call. Relaxing is paramount if you are going to recharge and renew your energy for the rest of the work year, but how will you do that while your mind is still back at work? Here are some tips that will help you unplug and enjoy the remaining days of your vacation.

Make a Move Physically
There is a lot to be said for ‘staycations’ but if you want to actually unplug then you must signal to your brain that you really are on holiday and the easiest way to do this is to physically remove yourself from familiar surroundings where you will be forced to adapt to a new routine. It is easy to fall into old habits when your alarm rings at 5 and your coffee maker is ready to go. Move to a hotel in Patong beach Phuket however, and you will realize that somehow, thanks to the unfamiliar sounds, sights and surroundings, your body is slower to respond to the demands of a normal work day – which is exactly what you need.

Choose a Natural Surrounding
There is no point in going on holiday and ending up in the middle of another metropolis that is just going to remind you if your work and life back home. Get away from all that. Go to a nature resort in the middle of a jungle or find Patong beach resorts which are next to the ocean. Research has shown that the sounds of the ocean can lull a person to sleep (hence its popularity as ambience for insomniacs) while birdsong can wake you up gently, without the jarring of an alarm clock. Being surrounded by these things can also help the body relax and will put you in a frame of mind for relaxation sooner than being in a city.

Skip the Caffeine
Most workaholics cannot start their day without coffee. This is because the caffeine in it is so high that it will wake you up and get your brain functioning even when you have only had a few hours’ sleep. However, it is also addictive and prevents you from functioning without it. So go without it for a few days. At first, you will barely be able to get out of bed – that’s ok. Your body needs the sleep. In a couple of days, your body will bounce back and you will start to feel better without the coffee. If you are having terrible withdrawals and feel like you need the caffeine, try tea or milk coffee with more milk than coffee.

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