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led aluminium extrusions

The planning options for a lighting project are expanded by the more than one hundred different LED aluminum extrusions that ideal led has to offer. Each of these offers a different set of options. Modelers and creators now have more options and flexibility to understand their thinking. Office and meeting lighting, lounge lighting and under-seat lighting are fully provided by a perfectly directional aluminum ejection system. Expulsion lights are available for surface and pendant installation to suit almost any lighting application. The variety of recessed aluminum types allows the luminaire to be recessed into walls, roofs and floors extending the lighting design. Pendant lights of different lengths can also be modified to create great 3D effects for living areas, break rooms and meeting rooms. The ideal LED aluminium extrusions product line can be shipped cut to length and is easy to present. It incorporates recessed flange pull pins, barrel-shaped suspension pins, up/down hanging lighting pull pins; borderless grout expulsion, surface mount corner expulsion and other options. We recommend that you call our lighting experts and discuss your needs to determine the best configuration.

Benefits of Aluminum Extrusion

LED Aluminum Extrusions also give your installation a sleeker and more professional look, allowing you to be more creative with lighting concepts. To illuminate specific areas, different extruders can be used to change the angle and direction of the beam. Your LEDs will be safe from the elements and overheating thanks to the extrusion construction. As a current reducer, your Drove strip will diffuse all the current it generates, reducing the risk of your LEDs wearing out prematurely.

Control light strip

Controlled strip lights have recently begun to be used in the lighting industry. They are available in dimmable or non-dimmable sizes, look good indoors, and are easy to install. Australian controlled triple strip lighting has become much cheaper and more practical in recent years, unlike the dichroic element once provided by transformers. Tri-color LED strip lighting in Australia is a versatile option for lighting that can bring any color to the room and give it a modern look.

Use LED strips lighting

Three color temperatures of warm white, natural white and cool white can be easily adjusted to suit your mood and activity. They help people save money. They are hygienic and simple to set up. Since no bulbs are needed, you can choose from a variety of color outputs and affordable LEDs that use less energy.

Why LEDs are ideal as Australia’s trusted lighting

Ideal LED offers a wide selection of modern lighting fixtures and lighting accessories at affordable prices that will make any home comfortable and stylish. Ideal Led is a leader in the field with over 55 years of experience in the lighting industry and a commitment to constantly being at the forefront of lighting design and technology. Every ideal LED strip lighting in Australia, from work lights to light strips, has been thoroughly tested to ensure it meets the most stringent electrical specifications and is of the highest quality. Find a dealer in your area or browse our entire inventory online to make a purchase.